7 Things Your Office Must Have To Cope With Post-pandemic Changes

Jun 30, 2022

7 Things Your Office Must Have To Cope With Post-pandemic Changes

The way we work has potentially changed forever. From the way we work to the way we do our day-to-day operations; to put simply, the pandemic has altered our lifestyle. However, everything getting back on track brings a slew of new changes, and challenges.  

Three of the numerous factors that have changed the workplace in the current period include technological advancements, globalisation of production, and the influence of social media. Throw in a global pandemic and suddenly everyone thinks and feels differently about many aspects of their life than they did just a couple of years ago. 

We can keep up with and continuously adjust when changes occur gradually. However, these unseen changes have put everyone in the mix. Now that enterprises are calling their employees back to the office, certain factors need to be considered for this "workforce of the new normal". These alterations have caused whiplash and necessitated an urgent shift in the workplace to survive.  

These 7 Things Your Office Space Must Have 

Feeling Valued

Now more than ever employees need to feel valued. While enterprises are recalling their employees back to the office, they must create a workspace around the new needs of the employees.  

It is a no-brainer that post-pandemic employees are coming back with a different set of expectations, for the employers who already have employees back in offices, it is time for them to adapt. Adapt to the different importance that offices now hold and the purpose they serve for employees.  

Outdoor Spaces  

After coming from the longest work-from-home experiment with a touchdown of almost 2 years, employees are looking for engaging workspaces. Due to working from home employees were stuck in a never-ending loop of work, and soon enough, digital fatigue got to them.  

As they come back, enterprises must provide them with the flexibility to work from anywhere in the office and not be tied just to their desks. Outdoor spaces will boost employees' productivity and help them broaden their creative spectrum. 

Biophilic Spaces  

One of the best methods to improve relationships between people and nature at work is to include natural elements like plants in office settings. In addition to lowering stress levels and adding texture and colour to a place, plants also purify the air, which is crucial for mental wellbeing.  

A component of biophilic workplace design, which emphasises generating dynamic and engaging places, is the use of lots of natural light. The biological and physical results of lighting arrangements inside a workplace will have an impact on the health and welfare of employees. Business office spaces will now walk towards creatively integrating these aspects into workspaces. 

Intuitive Designs  

It is high time to make workplaces look happening and fun! The bland walls giving out serious vibes no longer work for employees to focus on their jobs. With more and more creative jobs taking the centre seat in the workspaces, employees need to sit at a place which motivates them to think outside the box.  

Workplace designs are not one size fits all, every job has a different set of requirements, hence today employees need a vibrant workspace with quiet areas as well as collab areas, outdoor as well as indoor workspaces.  

A Blend of Tech  

There is no denying that technology has become an integral part of our lives. It is time for enterprises to create a blend with technology as a key enabler in workspaces. Employees need to feel safe in their workspace so that they can work with ease.  

Managed office space platform, Smartworks has enabled all its workspaces to be tech-enabled with integrations like IoT meeting rooms, digital pantry, automated parking system, digital access pass and much more.  

Work and Life Balance  

Work cultures need a long-overdue change. Post-pandemic, the new generation is entering the workforce, who are looking for personal growth, along with being able to cut a slice of time for their hobbies and side hustle.  

Business office spaces will now become more employee-centric by providing employees space to blow off some stress like gaming zones and entertainment zones, among others, to help employees upskill and grow. 


Communication will become a key aspect of how your employees will feel coming to work. It is crucial to keep them up to date with the changes coming in the organisation along with safety measures and new rules to be followed. This will help employees feel safer and focus on the core operations.  

The Next Normal  

It has been said enough about the changes brought by the pandemic, it is time for the workplace industry to adapt to these changes. From design to amenities, workspaces are taking a new turn. The “next normal” is all about adapting to these changes and making workspaces more employee-centric. 

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