A Great Flexible Workspace Experience Fosters Talent Retention

Sep 08, 2021

A Great Flexible Workspace Experience Fosters Talent Retention

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The way people work is going through a rapid transition as more and more enterprises are moving away from the traditional office space setup. The millennial workforce of today demands an unmatched office experience complete with corporate training workshops and recreational activities. Enterprises value the opinions and the feedback of their employees and treat it as an utmost priority to provide them with a nurturing flexible workspace that meets both their personal and professional goals. Coworking spaces have emerged as leading collaborative workspaces that provide a productive work environment and recreational activities for a perfect work-life balance. Most large enterprises and SMEs are relying on shared coworking space providers for a great workspace experience. This is how the best coworking space providers help enterprises in retaining talent:

Configurable workspaces for maximized comfort

Most enterprises are always on the lookout to invest in flexible workspaces that are configurable to provide the utmost comfort to their employees. Constantly reviewing staff preferences, workspace needs and wants regarding the lighting, ventilation and varied seating options can help create a conducive flexible workspace for employees which will directly impact their productivity levels. Enterprises are shifting towards coworking spaces that provide agile workspaces with design flexibility, sit-stand desks, and gaming zones for recreational purposes among other amenities.

Flexible Working Schedules

The millennial workforce of today demands a flexible work schedule and does not restrict the clock-in clock-out mindset. The enterprises value employee work preferences and try and accommodate them, it is here that the coworking spaces come in play. Most of the shared office space providers are operational 24×7, enabling enterprises to have flexible working shifts. Such working flexibility enables employees to have a perfect work-life balance and ensures employee happiness and retention.

Increasing focus on health and wellness

Most of the employees spend about 60% of their waking hours at work, which means that workspaces have a major contribution towards employee wellbeing. Workspaces alter the way employees lead their lives as they have a huge impact on shaping employee lifestyle, eating habits and overall wellbeing. Most of the coworking spaces have gaming and recreational zones within their premises to enhance employee fitness and wellbeing.

Skill development workshops

Employees often seek opportunities for technical, financial and behavioural skill development at work. Coworking spaces provide enterprises with comprehensive skill development workshops for their employees. Such workshops add to the existing skill sets of the employees equip them with the latest knowledge of their field and maximize their performance.

Coworking spaces are constantly modifying how people work and helping enterprises empower their employees while adding to their overall well-being. With the recent workspace renaissance, enterprises are moving away from traditional workspaces and putting employee experience as their topmost priority. Coworking spaces are enabling enterprises to proactively re-design flexible floor/workspace plans and effective technology integration to maximize productivity. Most coworking spaces are not just office spaces for rent but deliver an unmatched office experience, complete with state-of-the-art meeting rooms, recreational areas, gaming zones, range rooms, and cafeterias among other amenities. The best coworking spaces are helping enterprises alter the office experience of their employees by maximizing their employee satisfaction and increasing their employee retention.

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