Sep 08, 2021

Smartworks – A Digitally Enabled Workspace

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In the past few years, technology has transformed the ways of working for businesses of all sizes and verticals. With the rise of advanced technological solutions in the realm of commercial real estate, both operators and occupiers are adjusting to the evolving needs of employees. One such shift is the introduction of biometric access systems and facial recognition solutions to ensure the utmost safety and security of people, assets, and data.  

Being one of the leading platforms for managed and flexible office space in India, Smartworks is taking the look and feel of offices to a whole new level. Moving further, we will take you on a virtual tour to experience what a day at Smartworks tech-enabled workspaces looks like.

Smartworks Cutting-Edge Tech Solutions

Use Automated Parking System

When you’re within the premises of Smartworks managed office spaces, you don’t have to worry about the parking spaces on a daily basis. With our automated parking systems, we are minimising the hassle of finding the right slot for your vehicles. Without any personal assistance from the personnel, you and your employees can easily book a parking spot for yourself. The entire system is digitally enabled, making it a safer experience, especially during these asymmetrical times.

Digital Access

Our digital access control system is effectively managed by an integrated mobile application and facial recognition system to ensure flawless entry. You start your day at Smartworks managed office space with uninterrupted access through our flap barriers that allow you to enter only if you’re registered on our app or digitally equipped tools for FR access. The motive behind our mobile application and FR-based access system is to not only provide seamless access to occupiers but also take proactive security measures.  

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Digital Pantry 

We understand the importance of short breaks during your intense and overwhelming working hours. We understand the importance of rejuvenating with your teammates over your favorite refreshing beverage. Well, we at Smartworks are catering to such needs with our Digital Pantries, which offer a vast range of beverage options, from Cappuccino to Latte, Americano, and Green Tea. With just a few taps on the Smartworks mobile app, you can fill your cup and refill your soul. 

Visitor Management System

Smartworks managed office spaces are not just about top-notch amenities, ergonomic furniture, and thoughtfully designed workspaces. We are here to not only redefine the meaning of productivity and engagement but also set new standards for safety and security at the workplace. Our Visitor Management System (VMS) via the Smartworks mobile app allows businesses to generate an access pass in advance for candidates, clients, and other potential stakeholders for a hassle-free access process.

IoT-Enabled Meeting Rooms

The concept of PropTech in the CRE segment has gained massive popularity in the past few years, specifically IoT integration. Our IoT-enabled meeting rooms exemplify the adoption of cutting-edge technology into the workspace experience. With our Smartworks mobile app, you can check the availability and book these meeting rooms, ensuring the optimal utilisation of spaces. Moreover, you can conveniently order a cup of coffee or tea during meetings, ensuring that refreshments are readily available without disrupting the flow of discussions.


With our constantly growing services, you can also browse the menu and order meals in advance to reduce time wastage during peak lunch hours. So, this is precisely how a day unfolds within Smartworks fully-equipped and technology-driven managed workspaces. Starting from the automated parking systems to seamless access, visitor passes, and uninterrupted meetings, every aspect of your workday is meticulously crafted to provide a holistic experience.  

All these digital services can be easily accessed through the Smartworks mobile app, ensuring that your workday is efficient, productive, and hassle-free from beginning to end.   

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