How to’s : Collaborative Office Spaces!

Sep 03, 2021

How to’s : Collaborative Office Spaces!

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This simple sentence captures the essence of collaboration. It is the key to innovation. People need to come together, brainstorm and generate ideas and collaborate to change those ideas into reality. And your office design plays a vital part in fostering this collaborative environment. From collaborative & shared shared office space to an open workspace, there are umpteen ideas to customise and build a collaborative office space. Let’s take a closer look:

Design Spaces to Support Collaboration
Design preferences are defined by the nature of your job. If your company deals with financial services, high cubicles, small rooms help you create a private space for maintaining privacy of the information and collaborate. However, if your job deals with creative works such as designing or developing, then you need large spaces for displaying your work and collaborating with your team for additional ideas. Ditch your “one-size-fits-all” approach and go for open spaces rather than closed rooms and smaller cubicles. Design a separate area for projection, use walls as storyboards or for video conferencing.

Foster Collaborative Environment
Do not designate fixed areas for collaboration, rather the entire office must thrive with creativity. Go for open spaces. Though open spaces are often criticized for being unfavorable for productivity, however, if designed carefully, open spaces can be conducive to a collaborative & shared office  space. If you are a tech start up, then an open space can add dynamism to your work environment where one has the advantage of turning to the next person. You can even try divided office space with low-walled cubicles. This fosters teamwork while maintaining a bit of privacy.

Shared Office Space
A shared office space is a driving force behind the concept of co-working. This is the greatest way to boost creativity by fostering a collaborative environment. A shared office space will give you the scope of meeting the other tenants of the space. You can develop useful connections, share ideas with people who can help you gain new perspectives. This will not only build a sense of community but also expand your network and business. If you are looking for shared office space in Gurgaon or shared office space in any other city, get in touch with us at
and we will help you find flexible work spaces that are ideal for your business.

Keep Flexible Furniture
Flexible furniture helps you create a dynamic working environment. For instance, install a big table and chairs in the middle of your office for quick impromptu meetings. This is better than huddling in a small cubicle. You can even install high-top tables and high-top chairs and rolling whiteboards for quick discussions and meeting. Classic rolling chairs also give you the flexibility of movement without getting up.

Collaboration depends on your office culture and needs of your business. Hopefully, these tips will help you create a flexible and collaborative & shared office space.

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