Coworking and the Digital Workforce Revolution| Smartworks

Sep 08, 2021

Coworking and the Digital Workforce Revolution| Smartworks

The ongoing pandemic has accelerated our dependence on technology. The technology transitions in the workspace that were reserved for the future are now being considered and deployed for providing a contactless and safe working environment for employees. The coworking industry is inching towards the adaptation of new digital applications to create future-ready workspaces that enhance employee productivity. Technology plays a crucial role in creating a gratifying work experience and defining how employees interact with each other.

Here is how coworking players are enabling the digital workforce revolution for their members:

Complimentary Access to Advanced Applications

Businesses can eradicate their overheads for connectivity and communications by utilizing the state-of-the-art technologies available in the co-working spaces. Some of the proprietary tech solutions deployed are smart video conferencing and networking equipment, uninterrupted super-fast WiFi, cyber security solutions, and enterprise security tools.

Some agile workspaces have already begun offering easy-to-use mobile applications to accentuate better problem solving and issue resolving for their community members. These facilities are equipped with single interface dashboard systems that enable them to identify available workspaces or book meeting rooms, thereby enhancing their experience.

In-house Smartphone Applications

In-house mobile applications have become a necessity for real estate providers to integrate workspace functions and reduce the dependency on manpower. These mobile applications enable members and employees navigate through their day effortlessly.

IoT-enabled meeting rooms, motion-activated lighting, food, and beverage orders from inside the conference rooms, a smart mobile pas to enter the premises, coworking space providers are investing in technology for a seamless experience. These technologies are only some examples of contactless features that some of the coworking players have implemented to change the way we move and behave.

Touchless Building Access

Security card swipes and biometrics for office space access have been the workspace normal for over a decade. The COVID-19 pandemic has hastened the switch to contactless technology. Workspace providers are deploying visitor management systems and leveraging touch-free facial recognition tools for allowing a seamless building access for their members.

Advanced Security Solutions

Tech is playing a key role in ensuring security and enhancing the safety of the people in the coworking spaces. For instance, HID Mobile access which works on BLE (Bluetooth low energy) enables secured access management through smartphone. Wireless IP smart security cameras help business owners to monitor the workplace activities and can control unauthorized access as well. With modern keyless access technology, members and clients can quickly enter their co-working spaces without needing to look for a key.

AI powered solution can read feed from IP cameras and can alert security for unwanted/unauthorized moment in a closed area, it can also monitor count of people moving in & out of the facility. Facial recognition is another technology that is playing key role, by knowing and checking people.

Employee engagement and support

The pandemic has caused mental anxiety and stress to people across the globe. Coworking spaces are conducting online events to boost employee morale and reduce their stress levels.

Virtual meetings on stress management, managing finances, and conducting recreational activities online like yoga and Zumba classes, mandala and doodle workshops, music concerts, and mentoring sessions are being conducted to support the employees/members and keep their spirits high.

Technology is constantly enabling businesses transform their workspaces into a dynamic and interactive space for brainstorming and inducing a productive work environment. With employee health and wellbeing, emerging as the key focus area in the new normal, touchless technology integration in workspaces has emerged as a necessity.

Coworking companies are continuously coming up with innovative solutions to provide businesses with advanced state-of-the-art technologies to help them maximize their productivity and ensure seamless operations.

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