A green office: Things you should know

Sep 03, 2021

A green office: Things you should know

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Turning your office into a green zone doesn’t necessarily mean burning hole in your pocket. In fact, it can help you save money in the long run. Consider these must know ideas in case you want to go green and turn your work space into green office:

Go paperless
Ditch the paper and go the digital way. Scan all your documents into database and store them in your laptop or computer. These are easier to find compared to paper documentation. With advanced search options and robust data recall capabilities, your modern gadgets can quickly find out the exact data that you need and also provide you with other information such as who created the data and when it was created. Paperless office helps save thousands of hours that your team members spend on searching data. Also, it saves the environment by saving trees. In case you are looking for an office for rent in Kolkata, then get in touch with us at https://www.smartworksoffice.com/

Illuminate Wisely
If your office space has windows, open them. Filling the work area with natural light adds warmth to the place and also saves electricity. Are the cubicle designs blocking the light? If yes then it’s time to rethink the design of your office space. Decentralise the way your office space it lit. Instead of ceiling light fixtures, install energy saving lights in each desk, which is the foremost requirement of a green office. Ensure that the lights are turned off after work.

Use refurbished equipment
From computers, copiers to desks, you can buy almost everything in refurbished condition. Using recycled goods contributes to the environment by reducing the amount of landfill. Instead of throwing out your old equipment, recycle and reuse them.

Check the indoor air pollution
Indoor smoking is a matter of past in almost every modern office. However, there are several office equipment such as printers and fax machines can pollute the indoor air quality. In that case, it is essential to keep the ventilation and the air condition system is good condition. Keep such equipment away from the workplace. You can create a separate area for keeping the printers and fax machines.

Implement these practices to improve your sustainability efforts. If you want to rent office space in Kolkata, call us today at +91-84489-80480.

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