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Jun 24, 2022

How Do Amenities Help Create Work Cultures?

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As we emerge from the pandemic, it’s a whole new game for how employers look at the amenities and the role they have to play. From the need to the demand for amenities, everything has shifted towards a focused approach to making workspaces employee-centric. 

The purpose of a place is changing. The amenities and benefits that were significant pre-COVID-19 are now even more essential. This is also because today's employees are not only expecting them when they go back but also demanding them. In the new normal, certain amenities can help enterprises create a positive and efficient work culture.   

4Cs - Connection, Collaboration, Creativity, and Culture 

Now more than ever, employees need to feel valued and safe in their workspaces. Although the workforce that came early is settled for a stretch in the new working environment, there are still ends that are to be met by the employers to keep productivity going in the long run. 


One of the most important factors in this new workplace dynamic. Use modern collaboration technology solutions to enable more meaningful interaction with your employees, whether they're on-site or remotely. Professional office spaces in India are now walking towards bringing in the workspaces that can impact the experience employees have day-to-day.  


Be on the lookout for how you can help employees connect professionally and personally. After working from home for a long time, it becomes crucial for employees to re-connect. Enterprises can leverage collaboration spaces, pantries, and ZEN zones for employees to brainstorm new ideas or take a quick break. 


Managed office providers have been game-changers in creating spaces that can promote creativity in their employees. Doing the space task in the same pattern takes away the ideas that can turn the tables around.  

Now, employees demand and expect enterprises to create spaces where employees can take a break together and have impromptu meetings and spaces to provide more thinking space. Motivating employees to look at the same task in a new way is crucial for a company’s creative growth. 


Yes, culture is the most important amenity today. A cultural shift towards incorporating policies that can support and create employee-centric workspaces. Employees were given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to think about their purpose and, as a result, which forms of culture would best reflect that purpose amid the pandemic.  

This can be done by providing mental health resources, incorporating biophilic workspaces, using intuitive design and much more. Professional office spaces are helping enterprises foster a culture that can be more employee-centric and are driving a chain of change keeping pace with the industry changes.  

While Managed office providers are providing best in the class amenities the fact still stands the same that amenities will not be the golden ticket to bringing employees back to workspaces, they will surely be prominent in being a deciding factor.  

When it comes to the future of amenity spaces, enterprises should be ready to expect the unexpected, be on their toes to take a proactive approach to the changes coming in the industry, and also consider all the new and unusual requests, even if they seem far-fetched. Unique amenities that can help accomplish bigger goals are here to stay, and it is up to us to pace up and fulfil the requirements of the new workforce generation coming. 

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