How to find commercial space for rent on a shoestring budget?

Sep 03, 2021

How to find commercial space for rent on a shoestring budget?

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Don’t worry, this is how organisations begin. Even the journey of Apple too started from a garage! The process is really hectic and quite messy. Here are a few tips to help you get a commercial space for rent on a tight budget:

Look for a Co-working space
Co-working spaces are great for start-ups as commercial space for rent are preferred for startups. These are not only cheaper than traditional business spaces but offers you a chance to interact with smart people who are going through similar challenges. It helps you get connected with like-minded people and you never know, you might even chance upon a strategic partner for your business venture. In case you are looking for a business space for rent on a shoestring budget, then we can help you. Get in touch with us at  and we will help you find a space.

Get a Shared Space
You can easily share office spaces with other professionals such as accountants, web designers, or financial advisors. Look for professionals who are in the same boat and book a commercial space together. Share the rent. However, remember to maintain a proper schedule and be in touch with each other.

Rent a Desk
There are a number of small and medium sized businesses who have plenty of empty desks and space. Look out for such businesses and approach them with your offer to share their space. This also serves as a great opportunity to mingle with like-minded professionals and build your network.

Go for an Art Studio
When you are just starting your business, you always don’t need a trendy office. It doesn’t matter whether you are into designing or packing up orders, art studios are much cheaper than fully furnished office spaces. Also, once your business picks up, you can always move to a better place.

In case you are just working with a laptop, you can also create a workspace at your home. We hope that these ideas will help you gather valuable insights on how to rent an office space when you are tight on budget. For any further queries regarding business space for rent, call us at +91-84489-80480

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