How to: Inspiring Office Spaces!

Sep 03, 2021

How to: Inspiring Office Spaces!

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Gone are the days when office spaces were synonymous with dull cubicles, a pile of files heaped on desks and drab furniture. From appropriate desk size to proper ambience, striking a right balance between the various components of the commercial space is what make it inspiring. Here are a few simple ways to create a productive and an inspiring office space:

Increase the comfort level
Want to make the most out of your team members? Then give them comfortable and Inspiring office space. Install comfortable desks and chairs. Proper furniture (work desks and chairs) is very important for creating an inspiring and healthy office setting. Ensure that the monitor, keyboard, desks and chairs are properly aligned for increased comfort. Keep enough space for standing and stretching your legs to keep you comfortable.

The era of cubicles is long gone. The latest trend in designing office space is by keeping the walls low, forming a cluster of workstations. This is the best way to utilise space efficiently and improve collaboration. Fewer walls and small workstations will improve collaboration.

Eliminate Clutter
Hide the wires sticking out of the desktops, laptops and other electrical devices. It looks terrible if the desks do not conceal the electrical wiring properly. Create additional storage space for storing paperwork and other items. This makes the desk appear organised. A cluttered office space causes distraction and can stifle productivity and creativity.

Proper lighting
Nothing can beat the natural light and proper ventilation system. Though Inspiring office space often do not come with the luxury of open spaces or windows, in such case, additional sources of lighting can make the space functional. Experiment with bright overhead lighting and lamps. However, avoid splashing every corner with bright light. That can be a distraction.

Keep a Lounge Area
The office lounge area is the central part of your commercial space. A well planned and properly designed lounge area says a lot about your office. Dedicated lounge areas can stimulate a relaxed collaborative atmosphere, making work enjoyable for your team members

Colour Co-ordinate space
Colours are important to create an inspiring office space and boost productivity. Find out ways to incorporate colours in your commercial space. From walls, accessories to furniture, find unusual ways to integrate a wide spectrum of colours. Choose colours that inspire and energise you. Light colour such as sky blue or white brings a soothing effect while shades of yellow can give a fresh and energetic outlook to the office space. This shade is perfect for offices that deal with writers, designers or other creative professionals.

These tips will help you create a dynamic and collaborative office space. If you are looking for fully furnished office space or commercial space for rent in Delhi, get in touch with us. We provide ideal workspace solutions to match your needs. Contact us at

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