Sep 08, 2021

Hungry at Work? Fret Not, Twigly Is There to the Rescue

Suddenly, your phone rings and you see your manager’s name on the screen. Yes, it’s time for an urgent meeting and you’ll have to sacrifice your lunch for it. You hate it, but there’s nothing you could do other than hesitantly packing your lunch once again and heading over to the meeting room. How often does it happen? Quite regularly, doesn’t it?.

Once the meeting is over, you’re super-hungry with deadlines to chase and now have cold food that doesn’t look appetizing anymore. What do you do? Heading out of the office for a meal is out of the question; so what’s the next best alternative?

Well, if you’re reading this from a smartworks Business Centre then all you have to do is to pull out your smartphone, browse through an exciting range of healthy sandwiches, pastas and curries and order anything that comforts your hungry self. Not only would you enjoy an exclusive discount, you’ll also receive fresh and healthy online food at your desk in the shortest time.

How do we make it possible, you ask? Well, to make things easier and healthier for you, we’ve entered into a partnership with Twigly – an online food delivery startup renowned for its mouth-watering food, made in its state-of-the-art kitchens. Twigly lives by its commitment to offer the healthiest online food, which is made fresh every day, ensuring that you get great taste in every bite!

To commence the partnership, we conducted an event at our New Delhi, Noida and Gurugram centres on World Health Day! Yes, we managed that as well!

The Foodlympics saw teams of four at all our centres across the NCR gulp down all they can as quickly as humanly possible to win exciting hampers and bragging rights. Here’s how the event went:

Setting up the benchmark was Team CrownIt at our Times Square Business Centre in Gurugram. Showcasing their eating prowess, the team recorded a time of just 5 minutes and 18 seconds!

A big thank you to all the participants who made the event a memorable one!

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