Dec 16, 2020

Smartworks Founder Won the Most Promising Entrepreneur Award

The world’s leading lights from across industry, academia and governments converged in Delhi as they illuminated the future for global denizens

“India is committed to the development of renewable electricity”

As a tsunami of disrupting- With the global epicentre of {tions, both desirable economic power shifting to-land undesirable, inwards Asia, there can be no date global economies, we are now faced with an evolving geopolitical order and flux in businesses. These upheavals have prompted a course correction across spheres, but it is essential that the growth trajectories we craft are social, sustainable, scalable.

With the global epicentre of economic power shifting towards Asia, there can be no more fitting a stage to host the world’s foremost thinkers and influences than India, the world’s fastest-growing major economy. In light of this, YES Bank and The Economic Times Global Business Summit scrutinized the present and future as it becomes ever more the Davos of the East.

Firstly, I would like to mention that the word ‘energy is being replaced by the word ‘electricity’. The world is currently being driven by ‘electricity in every area thinkable. Although India comparatively has low conventional electricity resources as opposed to the actual electricity demand of the huge population and a swiftly growing economy, solar solutions, among other renewable resources, has enormous potential for growth. We have very low penetration in terms of the reach of electricity to the masses. And the vastness of the country and the spread of population means that we have to opt for micro & mini-grids and distributed electricity. And if we add to this the potential in terms of Electric vehicles, and the growing urbanization – meaning more air conditioning and charging requirements, we are talking about exponential growth in usage of electricity. That too, without an increase in prices, as we are a very price sensitive market And while the costs are decreasing, the efficiencies across are increasing.

With our bankable solar products available at affordable prices, it is going to be easier to reach the masses. With the advent of Smart Cities and Electric Mobility, more and more industries are looking at SOLAR as a potentially sustainable electricity resource as the most plausible option.

The International Solar Alliance which has been championed by India but is now supported by so many different countries shows the intent of all countries to have ecologically sustainable and environment-friendly growth and this can only come about through renewable resources and therefore over the next few decades we will see a slow plateauing of thermal energy and all forms of energy will be replaced by electricity. And one day, through the coming decade we will see that electricity will be sold free in exchange for data on consumption patterns.

Under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, presented with the Champion of the Earth Award by the UN, India is committed towards the development of renewable electricity. The 227 GW target for 2022 and the formation of ISA led by India and France is proof enough that India is poised to be a Solar Positive country and also contribute towards making the world greener.

And I am positive that INDIA will play the most important role in sustainable economic growth across the globe with superior products and world-class services.

How does the Ravin Group embrace sustainability in all it does?

We need to realize that an economy functions within the ecosystem. We cannot separate the economy from it Economic growth of a company and that of the nation as a whole will remain a function of how well we manage these resources in a manner that they will not be depleted and will be available for future generations. If we destroy the environment,, we will eventually destroy ourselves. Sustainability is, therefore, a confluence of economy, environment and technology. And we focus on all 3.

Therefore, harnessing the power of naturally available, greener resources and lacing them with technological innovations like artificial intelligence, loT, lloT and bringing efficient, safe and accessible solutions to the world has been our constant endeavour. And much of our focused efforts are going into research & development of these products.

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