Nov 17, 2021

Smartworks Started Two New Coworking Centers in Delhi-NCR

Smartworks, a prominent provider of agile workspaces, recently announced the leasing of two new facilities in Delhi-NCR; one on Noida Expressway and the other in Guru-gram. The two new centres span more than three lakh sq.ft, in total with a combined seating capacity of 6,500 seats, providing impetus to the company’s aggressive expansion plans. With these new spaces, Smartworks has increased its footprint in Delhi-NCR to over 4 lakh sq.ft, spread across six centres.

The Noida Expressway centre is a one-of-its-kind campus which will provide recreational facilities, F&B services and a fitness centre among other amenities. The two facilities are already 40 per cent pre-booked showing the robust demand for agile workspaces. The two new centres boast top-of-the-line global systems like productivity-driven and tech-enabled workspaces as well as biophilic architecture. Members also have the option of configuring office spaces to stimulate greater employee productivity and engagement. Smartworks, which focuses on enterprises, is also actively developing collaborative technology solutions.

Keeping in mind the dynamic nature of today’s office goer, Smart-works’ facilities have various amenities including a cr&che, gym, cafes and sleeping pods among others.

“We are constantly adding new facilities to our portfolio leading to an exponential growth of our footprint. In addition, riding on our brand effect, developers have reached out to partner with us and in process, we have locked in over 2 mn. sq.ft, of built to suite facilities which will come up in two years”, said Neetish Sarda, founder, Smartworks.

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