Nov 16, 2021

Social Distancing Measures at Smartworks

Sharing some workplace readiness measures that have been implemented at Smartworks (Co-
working). Social distancing means keeping space between yourself and other people outside of your home.Keeping space between you and others is the best way to prevent being exposed to the COVID-19 virus. Limiting close contact with individuals can help curb the spread. Smartworks
has started working on redesigning the office workplaces to ensure that the right social distancing is maintained across all its offices. Workplace wellness will play a crucial role as companies will be cautious to safeguard and protect their most valuable assets- their people. The company is taking all proactive measures to adhere to the social distancing norms, hygiene
practices, screening, and other measures for the health and wellness of all. Social distancing will become a norm and all businesses/ workplaces must practice it to reduce close contact and spread of COVID-19.

Workplace Readiness Measures at Smartworks

  • Stepped up routine cleaning and disinfecting equipment, all surfaces (metal, knobs, workstations) and floors
  • Temperature checks using an Infrared thermometer for all the entry points of the facilities.
  • Placement of Sanitizer stations at all high touchpoints.Emphasis on hand wash/sanitization while entering office spaces
  • Making masks available at all centres and mandatory in all common areas.
  • Disinfecting/ sanitizing all packages/deliveries upon receiving.
  • Awareness Posters, videos, TV Screens and Digital Signage on

1) Mask usage and proper disposal
2) Personal and respiratory hygiene
3) Social and physical distancing while sitting, working, talking
4) Stay home if any cold, cough, fever or related symptoms
5) Don’t share dishes and drinks

Social Distancing Measures:

Maintain a distance of at least 2 metres between colleagues while sitting, talking, eating and walking

  • Cafeteria & Pantry time rationing through rosters/meals and breaks at staggered intervals. Disinfection at regular intervals. No meal sharing
  • Suspension of biometrics systems
  • Leveraging Video conferencing when possible, and evaluate essential visitors on the premises.
  • Meeting room attendees and passengers in elevators to be limited.
  • All physical events turned into Virtual sessions
  • Gyms, Sports Arena, Recreational Rooms, Amphitheatre temporarily closed.
  • On ground medical assistance along with a designated isolation area
  • All large gathering/ groups prohibited
  • Encouraging members to voluntarily disclose recent travel/health-related information

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