Sep 08, 2021

Make The Switch: Choose Meeting Rooms over Coffee Shops

The world of business is constantly being dominated by burgeoning startups and small businesses that offer work flexibility and believe in getting things done effectively. The stepping stone for running a successful business lies not just in ideas and the team but on how effectively you can network and create new opportunities for growing your business. Connecting with new people for business pitches and holding business meetings is the part and parcel of being a business leader or a budding entrepreneur.

While holding meetings in a coffee shop was acceptable in the past, it is, however direly frowned upon in the present times. With the advent of shared workspaces, state-of-the-art meeting rooms are readily available at affordable prices. Booking a conference room at a coworking space for a business meeting has become the new normal for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and business travelers.

Conducting meetings in a coffee shop has the following disadvantages:

1. The lack of professionalism

A coffee shop is essentially a place for people to meet and chill, that’s the long and short of it. Discussing business plans and finances in a coffee house come at a huge price of being distracted or disturbed. Everyone needs a professional and peaceful environment for brainstorming and taking business decisions, which is best suited in an office-like environment.

2. Disturbance and noise

While preparing for a business pitch or dealing with a stressful deadline, everyone requires some peace and quiet, which is a distant dream for the ones working out of a coffee shop. While everyone enjoys the hustle-bustle of the coffee shop on a lazy Sunday afternoon, the same is frowned upon on a Monday morning. Meeting rooms in coworking spaces are ideal for ideation, brainstorming sessions and long business reviews as they are devoid of any noise or disturbances and nobody walks in and out of the door every five minutes!

Renting a meeting room at a business center has the following benefits:

1. Tech-enabled work environment

Meeting rooms at coworking spaces are well-equipped with the latest technology and have state-of-the-art infrastructure, which provides a productive work environment. Not just hi-speed wifi, these meeting rooms are well-equipped with high-tech presentation tools and projectors, printers, and photocopiers as well as whiteboards and stationery. Most of them also have a dedicated team of IT professionals to provide on-ground assistance.

2. Complimentary Access to amenities

Coworking spaces are known for the top-notch amenities they offer. Utilizing a meeting room in a coworking space will allow to access exclusive-amenities, including pantry services, discounts on partnerships, access to events among others.

3. Privacy

Unlike a coffee shop, meeting rooms in a coworking space are specifically created for providing privacy and confidentiality. All your business strategies and financial numbers will remain safe within the four walls of the meeting room and amongst the people who were the attendees of the meeting.

4. Convenience of location

Coworking spaces are preferred for their expansive geographical footprint and their presence in all the prime locations of a city. Conference rooms in coworking spaces are available in different sizes to accommodate business meetings with strengths of 4 to 50 people. Renting a conference room for a business meeting at a prime location in the city is of utmost importance to get the first impression right.

5. Affordable Prices

Gone are the days when you had to spend quite a fortune to access strategically-located meeting rooms for rent, now you can easily book a meeting room for a day or two in coworking spaces at a nominal price. Some flexible space providers also provide the option of renting meeting rooms on an hourly basis, at affordable rates. Utilizing a professional meeting room in a coworking space is the best way to avoid overhead expenses while enjoying the available technology.

While conducting a meeting in a coffee shop is possible, you can help your business scale and achieve greater heights by making the right switch- choosing professional conference rooms to conduct business in the right atmosphere.

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