Nucleus Of A ‘New- Digitally-Enabled’ Managed Workspace| Smartworks

Sep 08, 2021

Nucleus Of A ‘New- Digitally-Enabled’ Managed Workspace| Smartworks

COVID-19 may have disrupted working, but businesses worldwide have learned to adapt to the new normal. This new normal is evident in the way people work, more aptly called “Work from Anywhere”. It is here that flex spaces and workspaces, in general, assume new meaning. Outsourcing office spaces to managed workspace providers could substantially ease the burden associated with an organisation’s employees, ensuring social distancing guidelines, sanitation, and safe hygiene within the premises.

The nucleus of a workspace at Smartworks is the cornerstone of an organization’s digital workplace infrastructure.

In line with this thought, to create office spaces for the future, Smartworks has introduced several game-changing innovations to enable a ‘smart and connected workspace. Our digitally-enabled flexible workspaces focus on delivering a seamless user experience to promote efficiency, productivity and growth.

6 Most Prominent Facilities of Smartworks 

1.Smart Meeting Rooms 

Book Meeting Rooms using smartphones and check-in digitally to control the amenities such as light, TV, power etc. Through our Internet of Things (IoT) enabled Booking Platform, you can reserve space without the hassle of communicating to and fro.

2. Digital Access 

Our digital platform has eradicated the need for physical access. Not only does it reduce the carbon footprint, but it also helps us track the real-time occupancy of the building.

3. Touchless Coffee Vending Machines 

Contactless menu and beverage selection to promote hygiene and safety. Members choose from a wide range of hot beverages available without making contact with others, thereby eliminating the need to physically touch the machines.

4. Smart Cafeteria 

Order food on the go. Digital solutions for a digital generation! Our Smart Cafeteria enables seamless food ordering from various options, making it a frictionless digital experience.

5. Visitor Management System

Our intelligent Visitor Management Systems ensure adequate processing and tracking of guests. Whether it is touchless body temperature screening, facial recognition, or mask detection, the device amps up the safety of the workspaces.

6. Automated Parking System 

Our next-gen parking solution helps automate parking allocation and manage seamless entry and exit of vehicles in and out of the premises. It also helps save time by showing the available parking slots in real-time.

Smartworks is continuously coming up with innovative solutions to provide clients with advanced state-of-the-art technologies to help them maximize their productivity and ensure seamless operations. Our roadmap for a digital workplace is becoming robust than ever – and we already have the ingredients and will to make it happen!

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