Smartworks – A Digitally Enabled Workspace

Sep 08, 2021

Smartworks – A Digitally Enabled Workspace

The workspaces have to undergo a sea of changes and adaptations to fly in sync with the new requirements of the time. The workplace is one of the primary arenas for social interaction.  

The old-school innovations and the upgraded technology are all contributing towards a workspace of the future, one that is safe for everyone and can help the employees and the employers alike. 

Digitization at Smartworks 

Given the heightened need for flexibility and the need to adhere to no-contact rules, workspaces are undergoing a radical transformation. Smartworks is looking at the next step in the evolution of the workspace and is creating spaces that are safe for all. 

Digital Access 

Our digital token on the smartworks app has eradicated the need for physical access. This helps us keep a check on the occupancy of the building at a given time which in turn reduces the carbon footprint.  

Automated Coffee Vending Machines 

Our clients and workers have access to no-touch coffee machines. Smartworks places a high value on the safety of its members and staff. These coffee machines are simple to operate and digitally optimized, making them accessible to everyone. 

Digital Pantry 

Smartwork’s Digital Pantry enables users to order meals on the go, not just from our cafeteria but also from nearby eateries. Digital feedback is also available for users to share their experiences. We make every effort to improve based on the input we receive.  

Visitor Management System 

The visitor Management system enables a secure workspace environment for our clients. We make sure that every visitor is carefully monitored and identified. With the shift of events, we have upgraded our VMS (Visitor Management System) to make sure that all the visitors get a temperature & mask check digitally and safely.  

IOT Enable Meeting Rooms 

Our IoT-enabled offerings help to improve the Member/Visitor experience by providing end-to-end support with Booking Meeting rooms with the click of a button to giving easy to control access to meeting room facilities.   

Automated Parking System

The hassle of finding the proper parking location for your vehicle was eliminated by our automatic parking technology. Without any personal assistance from the personnel, you can easily book a parking spot for yourself. The entire system is digitally enabled, making it a safer experience, especially during these asymmetrical times.  

Virtual Tours

The world didn’t stop it just became digital! 
Virtual Reality turned out to be a blessing in disguise. We’ve been employing virtual reality technology to provide clients with highly immersive 3D extended reality tours of workplace premises at any time from anywhere.  

All the digital services can be easily accessed through the Smartworks app. One can have all the digital benefits offered by smart works anytime in the premises just with the clicks of their phone. This has made working in the office much safer as we stand in face of a global pandemic.  

Work today is more flexible, collaborative, and creative than ever before. Workplaces with digital enhancements make coming to work more exciting. Traditional workplace surroundings are being phased out in favor of facilities that reflect how we actually work and live.?

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