Smartworks- Upgraded, Advanced And Safe!| Smartworks

Sep 08, 2021

Smartworks- Upgraded, Advanced And Safe!| Smartworks

Smartworks is India’s largest managed office provider, with locations in nine major cities and more than 31 centers. We attempt to keep evolving and maintain the pace with the incoming changes. Smartworks goal is to make work process smarter and more efficient. Technological advancements have been pushed to the forefront as workplaces have changed dramatically. With the whole workforce reliant on digital access to continue core operations, it’s no surprise that returning to the workplace will bring with it some new adjustments.

While whole industry was on a stand still, smartworks used the opportunity to build technical upgrades for when employees are called back to work. Technology has always made things simpler for us, and now it’s time to take the next step in ensuring the safety of our employees and members at their workplaces.

In house Smartworks Super App

Smartworks has improved the IN- HOUSE application to bring technical developments into line with evolving workplace norms. It helps employees and members to navigate through the day seamlessly and safely. Smartworks super app is connected the IOT enabled meeting rooms, conference rooms, pantry, food and beverage order and much more. It enables you to easily check the availability and book meeting rooms, order food and beverages from the meeting rooms and smart pass to enter the premises. All done from the safety of your smartphone and with one app. Hustle free and Safe!


Smartworks provides a variety of services that makes it convenient for employees and members to get through the day safely. The Automated Parking System follows the line, making the entire procedure automated and simple to complete without any help. With the present scenario in mind, we have improved our Visitor Management System (VMS) to include touchless temperature checks and mask detection.

Smartworks is continuously being transformed into a more dynamic and engaging area for brainstorming and inducing a productive work atmosphere due to technological advances. Touchless technology integration in workspaces is at the top of the must-have list, with employee health and wellbeing emerging as a key emphasis area in the new normal.

The aim is not just to create a seamless office experience but also a safe one!

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