Sep 08, 2021

Smartworks: Your Daily Dose of Inspiration

When we’re inspired and motivated, it reflects in our work. We feel a sense of purpose, inspired by the thought that our skills and talent have been put to good work and we’re doing what we need to be doing. But then, just like everything else, it evaporates and makes us feel frustrated. Once lost, inspiration is hard to come by and it’s a herculean process to recover the missing motivation, even if you love your job. According to the renowned English cartoonist, Quentin Blake, “Inspiration is some mysterious blessing which happens when the wheels are turning smoothly”. We have the zeal to work with sheer dedication as long as everything is favorable and running smoothly. There could be numerous reasons for the hiccup, yet the most important is the working environment in the workplace. A dispirited and gloomy working environment is sure to kill the right vibe, making employees demoralized and disoriented towards work.

Inspiration is fuel, which helps us keep moving forward in every aspect of life, especially at our workplace where several factors distract us and affect our productivity and growth. Thus, it is important that organizations take good care that they have a workplace that influences and motivates employees to work with their full potential and ensure more productivity and growth. Although it’s not possible to force inspiration on someone, yet it is entirely feasible to create an environment that is conducive to inspiration. With the changing time, the way we work is also changing and unlike yesteryear, now enterprises have the opportunity to choose office spaces according to their needs and preferences, thanks to the emergence of coworking spaces.

In the last five years or so, the work environment in India is experiencing a paradigm shift as traditional workspaces are being taken over by flexible shared workspaces owing to innumerable possibilities they offer. At the moment, India alone has more than 1000 shared office spaces and enterprises of all sizes are seen choosing coworking spaces over conventional workplaces to set up their offices. A concept mushroomed in the west; coworking has made a strong foothold in the Indian market and has grown exponentially in the last few years. Studies reveal that more than 85% of working professionals feel happier being at a coworking workplace than traditional workspaces which have monotonous work hours, rigid protocols and a dreary working environment.

Smartworks, among several other coworking space operators, offers the best of workspace solutions to create an environment that spreads a sense of inspiration within the workplace to keep employees motivated throughout the day. In the last three years, we have learned and grown as a leading coworking company and with the experience, we’ve been able to decipher the mindset of the present-day working class in terms of their office needs and predilections. Driving inspiration from utopian futuristic workplaces across continents, we at Smartworks offer postmodern vibrant office spaces for the holistic development of organizations which serves as the perfect dose of inspiration for their employees.

Moreover, the presence of a robust community at Smartworks evokes a sense of inspiration in employees and motivates them to become more efficient and productive at work. Being a part of a strong and thriving community, employees feel a sense of pride and belonging which encourages them to work with their full potential and ensures improved productivity at work. The Smartworks community has professionals belonging to diverse fields, which allows individuals to meet and connect with like-headed people who propel them every day to their workplace and eventually develop better professional relationships. This kind of environment automatically provides the required dose of inspiration for employees to put all their effort and ensure better productivity. We at Smartworks understand the need for a supportive and dynamic community for organizations and employees to get an adequate dose of inspiration to feel motivated and thus, walk that extra mile to build a strong community that can suffice the needs.

With these and many more, Smartworks stands out in the crowd as the ultimate source of inspiration when it comes to coworking spaces in the country. Our mission is to create a sustainable working environment by providing effective workspace solutions for the overall development of organizations and with 50,000 members across 23 centers in 9 Indian cities, we are steadily moving forward towards our goal.

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