Sep 02, 2021

Virtual office: 6 Benefits You Must Know

So far, the idea of running a business was closely associated with maintaining a corporate image through a physical workspace. However, recently, the concept of virtual offices is catching up fast, especially with start-ups. Before we look into the benefits of setting a virtual office, let’s explore the concept of a this office.

What is a Virtual Office?
A virtual office helps you maintain a corporate image without actually hiring a commercial space and employees. The office service provider will provide you with everything starting from a proper mailing address to conference rooms and dedicated receptionist as per your requirement.

There are a number of benefits for having a Virtual office.

Zero set-up Cost
From buying desks, furniture to computers, setting up an office comes with a lot of costs. However, with a virtual office setup, you can easily cut down the set-up costs. The offices come equipped with all the necessary infrastructures.

Get a centralised location minus the rent
This is yet another great benefit of having a this office. Usually, city-centre offices come at a high cost. However, with a virtual office set-up, you will get a city-centre business address along with cutting down important costs such as accommodation rent, electricity, and insurance.

Dedicated Receptionist and phone-handling
You will be using this address and contact number for all your business correspondence. And to handle those emails and telephones, you will get access to a dedicated receptionist. You do not need to hire a receptionist on a permanent basis but you will get this service as per your requirement. In case you are looking for office space in Mumbai or in any other city, get in touch with us at

Meeting Rooms and Office Space
You can easily rent a meeting and conference rooms during client meetings. These rooms are available in the same building as the virtual office. In addition, the virtual office space provider will also give you access to office space during your client visit. Not only that, you can even access break rooms, internet services, lounges if you want.
In other words, office space gives you all the advantages of having a corporate office without actually setting up an office.