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Jan 05, 2022

Workplace 3.0 - Future Of Workspaces| Smartworks

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The pandemic has turned our personal and professional lives upside down, after months of participation in Work from Home, employee's expectations from the workplaces are seeing a fundamental change. The workspaces of the future are escalating the need for flexible office spaces, changes in designs and the way workspaces are managed forever.


 What will be the Future of Workspaces?
 What is the office of the Future?
 What is the Purpose of Office in the Future?

What Will be the Future of Workspaces?

While the COVID vaccines are gradually reducing the risk of further lockdowns is reduced but enterprises still need to play it safe for the possibilities of another pandemic or any relapsed situation. Over time the workspaces have shifted from binary spaces where the only option was
a cubical or meeting room and moved on to the open floor plans bringing in some more colors and flexibility in the work ecosystem.

Now the focus is shifting to another workspace revolution coming in that will result in the making of Workspace 3.0- The workspaces of the future. With a distinct set of needs coming in after the work from home cycle the workspaces are expected to be more flexible, designs more vibrant that can keep employee's moods elevated and a bundle of amenities that can help maintain a healthy work-life balance. Enterprises understand that employees are coming in after a long cycle of work from home and they are expecting some major changes in the new normal.

What is the office of the Future?

Workspaces of the future are all about biophilic designs, flexible work cultures and more emphasis on the healthcare of the employees. Rows of desks, open floors or plans. Teams sitting together. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the traditional office space was designed, more than anything, to be functional. However, in the coming times workspaces of the future will have a blend of creatively active workspaces with interactive designs and flexible work

Know more about the role of managed workspaces in the Technological Revolution making the Workspaces of the future

What is the purpose of Office in the Future?

A company's office is its physical heart and soul, representing its brand and culture. Without it, you're left with a jumbled, disjointed group of people who are only loosely linked by corporate identity. A visit to the workplace can provide compelling knowledge about a firm, as well as a sense of commitment to an organisation. Then there's the unspoken chemistry that pervades
every workplace. People are brought together through interactions, and connections are established. The spirit of a firm is nurtured by unexpected encounters, hardships, obstacles, and shared successes.

In conclusion

Workspaces 3.0 do not reduce the need for office space. It is reasonable to predict that technology will play a significant role in day-to-day operations in future workspaces. Employees need to feel secure coming to work after the pandemic, and technological advancements may be the way to go.

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