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Sep 08, 2021

Workspaces Of Tomorrow – Flexible And Resilient| Smartworks

There is nothing like the big changes coming your way like a global pandemic that makes you think about what life has to offer and work is a big part of it. Coming back to the office can be both a daunting and a thrilling experience. The workspaces are changing dramatically in context to the approaches, operations, and how the workspaces will welcome the employees back to the office.

With more employees working from home than ever before, it’s important to rethink how we work and how to build environments where coworkers feel comfortable, welcoming, and productive. As a managed office provider with a presence in over 9 important locations throughout India, we had the opportunity to have a closer look at the employees’ mindsets and how they want to organize their workspaces, taking a more employee-centric approach.  

Expectation From Workspaces In the New Normal

Tailored Just the Way You Like 

Being the largest Managed space provider, we give our clients the opportunity to customize the way they want their workplace to work. Customizing the workspaces exactly the way you imagine. The best part is we don’t make you wait to get started. We give you a customized office experience in 30 days. From the way you need your walls to look to the breakout room needs of your team, we take care of it all in the most optimal way.  

Offices of the “New Normal” 

In these asymmetrical times, it’s not surprising to see a shift in the types of modern workplace experiences companies wish to provide to their employees. We’ve noticed a significant shift in the company’s decisions to make the workplace as safe and creative as possible. Businesses are working on building a healthy work atmosphere with pantry in the offices, anger rooms, and facilities to blow off steam as employees return from the comfort of their homes. Our workspaces are designed in a way that accounts for multiple things. For instance, the importance of natural light to worker productivity and health; right ergonomics; best use of space and ample consideration to employee needs — like gym, breakrooms, gaming areas and so on.

Over to You

What will your employees’ return to the office look like? How do you intend to focus on both the fundamental operation and the aesthetic environment? We’d love to help you create an unforgettable experience with a customized office, covering all the key locations and helping you tap into the best-managed office experience!

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