Managed Office Spaces-Making the New Normal | Smartworks

Jan 05, 2022

Managed Office Spaces-Making the New Normal | Smartworks

What’s next? That is the one question that everyone is asking, as we stand on the edge of the start of the new normal or the Post Pandemic era. When country after country went into lockdown, many employees turned their homes into offices. Overall, they embraced the flexibility and zero commutes that remote working affords.

While the experiment is not over yet, the lessons have more or less been learnt. So where do we go from here? Should we shrug this off as a temporary turn or should we use the lessons to define our future? After almost two years down the road of working from home, employees feel stuck in-home offices and technology has turned the world to screens, as a result, this kicked in the fatigue and monotonous routine. Resulting in employees wanting to go back to work and interact with colleagues, engaging in face-to-face activities.


What is Managed Office Space

Benefits of Managed Office Space


What is Managed Office Space

A managed office is a custom workspace solution which is procured and managed by a third- party Organization. Managed offices are a type of workspace-as-a-service solution that provides the agility and cost-effectiveness of a flexible workspace with the added benefit for Employer as well as employee and security of lease.

Benefits of Managed Office Space

1. Safety First Workspace

As the offices are all set to open, employees safety takes the front seat. Enterprises need to incorporate safety measures like sanitization facilities and day-to-day hygiene upkeep in addition to setting areas like breakout rooms or game arenas that can help employees set in and increase productivity.

Managed office spaces are taking a lead in easing the management and making sure that the workspaces are sanitized and are in alignment with safety standards.

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2. Tech- enabled Workspaces

To make the entire process of coming back to the offices easier and more at ease for the employees' tech-enabled spaces are the new normal. Technology like digital entry and exit, Visitor Management system with touchless temperature check and mask detection are in place.

Managed Workspaces are escalating the process of progressing the workspaces in India to the future of workspaces.

Wrapping it Up

Workplaces will be radically different for employees in the post-pandemic era. Employees are excited to return and no longer see their coworkers on rectangular digital screens. Employees, as excited as they are, are looking forward to a more flexible and dynamic working environment. Safety and the role that technology will play in making workplaces an unmatched office experience will be important to the employees in the new normal.

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